Ongoing Education Requirements

The Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation sets out the Continuing Education Requirements for insurance agents, brokers and adjusters.

The requirements for resident and non-resident agents and adjusters varies depending on the home jurisdiction of the non-resident agent or adjuster. Further details are contained at the tabs below.

Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters who hold a certificate of authority must obtain 15 hours of continuing education credits as a condition of renewing their certificate of authority.

Effective July 1, 2014 a “certificate term” means the period beginning on July 1 and ending on the next June 30.

All certificate holders are required to have 15 hours of credits per certificate for the first reporting period. The regulation also provides a mechanism to carry forward up to a maximum of 7.5 hours of credits from one certificate term to the next.

Certificate holders are required to demonstrate that they have completed 15 hours of approved continuing education courses for each class of license being renewed by entering all approved courses under their profile. The AIC will conduct random audits to determine that certificate holders are in compliance with these requirements. All certificate holders must keep a copy of their CE certificates issued by a continuing education provider for a period of 3 years following the expiry of the certificate term and must provide a copy of those records when they become part of a random audit. Agents or Adjusters who become licensed for the first time in the first nine months of any certificate term are required to obtain CE credits. The number of hours required is calculated on a pro-rated basis in accordance with a formula established by the regulation. Agents who become licensed in the final three months of a certificate term are not required to obtain CE credits for that year only. DO NOT send copies of your CE certificates to the AIC unless specifically asked to do so by the AIC.

Non-resident agents and adjusters are not required to complete Alberta continuing education requirements if the Minister is satisfied that the non-resident’s resident jurisdiction has a satisfactory continuing education requirement for each class of Alberta certificate of authority that the non-resident holds, and the agent /adjuster has taken the necessary course(s) to meet those requirements. Non-resident agents/adjusters must have completed the continuing education requirements of their resident jurisdiction to be exempt from the Alberta requirement. Completing continuing education requirements in another jurisdiction where the agent/adjuster holds a non-resident certificate does not exempt the holder from the Alberta requirements.

The following non-resident jurisdictions have been determined to have a satisfactory continuing education requirement: British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario (RIBO – General), Ontario (FSRA – Life including A&S Only), Quebec, New York, Ohio, Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Washington State, North Carolina, Illinois and Maryland. This is to say that an agent who has satisfied the requirements for these classes of certificate(s) only would be accepted. Should you be uncertain if this requirement applies to you, please contact the Council.

General Insurance Agents and Adjusters in Ontario whose licenses are issued by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario are NOT exempt from the Continuing Education requirements in Alberta.