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Call for Nominations for Election to the Insurance Councils Appeal Board

The Alberta Insurance Council is seeking nominations to fill two positions in the capacity of
Adjuster with the Insurance Councils Appeal Board.

Do you know an eligible colleague?
If so, send us your nomination today! To be considered candidates must:

  • reside in Alberta;
  • be engaged in the insurance business and hold adjusters’ certificates of authority;
  • never have been convicted of an offence under the Insurance Act (the Act);
  • never have had their certificates of authority suspended or revoked;
  • never have been levied a penalty under Section 480 (1)(a) of the Act, and not have been levied a penalty in the preceeding five years under Section 480 (1) (b, c, d, or e) of the Act;

Full eligibility requirements can be found in Sections 13 and 29 of the Insurance Councils Regulation by clicking here.

No individual may be nominated as a candidate for membership on more than one Council at the same time, nor may they be a candidate for membership or a member on a Council and Appeal Board at the same time.

What are the expectations of a nominee if elected?
A position on the Insurance Councils Appeal Board holds a term of three years. The time commitment in recent years has been minimal with hearings occuring two or three times per year. This may vary depending on disciplinary activities in a given year.
Compensation is paid on a per diem basis in addition to expenses directly associated with attending hearings and attending to Insurance Councils Appeal Board business.

How do I nominate a candidate?
All nominations may be submitted to the Alberta Insurance Council by email to Requirements for nomination are as follows:

  • A letter of nomination signed by a minimum of five licensed insurance adjusters.
  • A brief biography for the candidate with a photo that may be distributed to eligible voters.
  • Nominations must be received no later than 4:30 pm on August 19, 2020.

For further information, please contact Perry Lin at 587-390-0233.