Examination Fees

Examination Fees “Examination Fees are Non-Refundable”

Examination Type Fee
Adjusters Level 1 $50.00
Adjusters Level 4 (Oral Exam) $300.00
General Level 1 $50.00
General Level 2 $50.00
General Level 3 $50.00
HLLQP – Life $100.00
* HLLQP – Life Re-write per exam module $100.00
HLLQP – Accident and Sickness $50.00
* HLLQP – Accident and Sickness Re-write per exam module $50.00

Examination fees are applicable to each examination registration.
Failure to attend at a scheduled examination will result in the forfeiture of the exam fee.

Please note that examinations outside of Edmonton and Calgary may be subject to additional invigilation fees.