Investigation Process

The Alberta Insurance Council (“AIC”) has jurisdiction to investigate complaints against insurance agents, brokers and agencies, and against independent claims adjusters and adjusting firms.  The Compliance Department investigates complaints submitted by consumers, agents, adjusters, and insurance companies, as well as by the police and other regulatory bodies, in order to determine if there has been a violation of the Insurance Act or Regulations made under the Insurance Act.

Upon review of the allegations, the compliance investigators will request information and documentation from relevant parties involved in a complaint which falls under our jurisdiction, which may include interviewing any witnesses identified.  Once all of the available evidence has been gathered, a determination is made as to whether there is sufficient evidence to move forward with disciplinary action or whether the complaint should be sent to another regulatory body, the police, etc., for further action.  If there is insufficient evidence to substantiate a complaint, the investigation file will be closed.

The AIC Investigation Process – What to expect.

Have you ever been the subject of an AIC investigation? Have you ever contacted the AIC with concerns about a licensed agent, broker, or independent adjuster? This article is intended to provide you with important information about the AIC and its mandate to protect Alberta insurance consumers in a fair, transparent and objective manner. Learn more…