General Examinations

New applicants for a certificate as a General insurance agent are required to pass an examination prior to the certificate being issued. Registration for examinations must be done by visiting an AIC office or by telephone at either the Edmonton or Calgary office of the AIC. Payment of the sitting fee must be made by either Visa or Mastercard if the registration is completed by telephone.

At the conclusion of the examination applicant must return the examination and answer sheet to the proctor. Your examination will be scored and the results posted on the AIC web site within 48 hours.

If your examination was written at a centre other than Calgary or Edmonton results may not be available until the third day after writing.

In either case your results will be available on the AIC website once the examinations have been scored.


In order to pass the examination, a candidate must achieve a grade of 70% or better. The candidate will be allowed a maximum of 2 hours for Level 1 or 2 and 1.5 hours for Level 3 to complete the examination. The use of calculators is permitted. The candidate will not be allowed to bring any other materials (books, notes, papers, etc.) into the examination room.

Examination attempts are restricted to 3. After the third unsuccessful attempt a six month waiting period is imposed. This waiting period is then imposed after each additional attempt.

The examinations are offered at the following levels:

Examinations are held in the Edmonton and Calgary offices each Monday at 8:30 a.m.

Upon registration, applicants will be given an "Insurance Examination Entrance Form". This form and suitable identification should be brought to the examination room.

The scope of the examinations are described in the following links:

General Level 1, Curriculum Design Document   Agents receiving this level of certificate are required to work under the supervision of a Level 2 or Level 3 agent.

General Level 2, Curriculum Design Document

General Level 3, Designated Representative, Curriculum Design Document


General Level 1, Exam Results Since January 1, 2015