General Licensing Qualification Program (GLQP) Level 1 ONLY

As of January 1st, 2020, all students must attend classroom or web-based courses or purchase current educational materials from an approved General Level 1 Educator in order to be certified as having met the prerequisites to write the General Insurance Level 1 examination.  When students register for the examination, the CIPR database will automatically be [...]

Licensing Requirements

ChecklistAgencies and DRsLife and Accident & Sickness AgentsGeneral AgentsAdjustersRestricted LicensesChecklist Requirements for Certification How to get an insurance agent or adjuster's license checklist. Do you already have a CIPR number? What is CIPR? If you have written an exam with the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) before, or if you have been previously licensed in Alberta, [...]

Schedules & Locations

Please be advised that effective immediately and until further notice thereafter, the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) has suspended all virtual examinations. AIC is constantly striving to improve the security and integrity of all the examinations it administers. If you have medical or other conditions which require special consideration, please inform us by email prior to [...]


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In October of 2021, on behalf of the Industry Councils (the Life Insurance Council and General Insurance Council, collectively the “Industry Councils”), the AIC published the following document, Notice to the Profession and the Public – Potential Occupations at Conflict with Duties of an Insurance Intermediary (the “Notice”). It is imperative that every individual wishing [...]