The Councils & Directories

The Councils

The AIC provides investigative and administrative services to all the Alberta insurance councils in addition to administrative services to the Continuing Education Accreditation Committee.

The councils, formed under the Insurance Act, derive their authority from delegations from the Minister of the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance. They include:

• Insurance Adjusters Council
• General Insurance Council
• Life Insurance Council

The Insurance Council’s derive their authority through delegations from the Minister of Finance and Enterprise, copies of those delegations can be viewed at the links below.

Delegations to the Insurance Councils

Alberta Insurance Council

Alberta Insurance Council April 1, 2013 (publications)

Insurance Adjusters’ Council
General Insurance Council
Life Insurance Council
Examiner Delegation CEO

Alberta Insurance Council

Name Position Representing
Michael Howden Chair Public
Michael Bibby Member Life Insurance Council
Lorrie King Member General Insurance Council
Vacant Member Public
David Hicks Member Insurance Adjusters Council

Insurance Adjusters Council


Position Representing
David Hicks Chair General Insurers
Vacant Vacant Public
R.V. (Bob) Pearson Vice-Chair Adjusters
Barry Bittner Secretary Adjusters

General Insurance Council


Position Representing
Lorrie King Chair Insurance Brokers
Amanda Sawatzky Vice-Chair Direct Writers
Charlotte Fizer Member General Insurance
Robert Bhatia Member Public
Janice Sabourin Member Direct Writers
Elizabeth Hak Member Public
Catherine Cake Secretary Insurance Brokers
Thom Young Member Insurance Brokers
Life Insurance Council
Name Position Representing
Michael (Mike) Bibby Chair Life Agents
Jim Brownlee Vice-Chair Life Companies
Tammy Couillard Secretary Life Companies
Miles C. Weatherall Member Public
Wilma Slenders Member Public
Gregg Strynadka Member Life Agents
Name Position
Gwen Harris Public Chair
Hamish Henderson Public Chair
Trena Grimoldby Public Chair
Scott Boles Adjuster
Damien Thorbourne Adjuster
Randy Fulton Adjuster
Nancy Toso Adjuster
Berk Bilgen General
Chris Milller General
Lareese Graf General
Lucille Jakubowski General
David Brittain Life
Jason Zdyb Life
Trevor Johnston Life
Dean Hunt Life
Name Position
Joanne Abram Chief Executive Officer – Edmonton
Anthonet Maramieri Chief Operating Officer – Calgary
Carolyn Janz Chief Financial Officer – Edmonton
Sylvia Boyetchko Director of Licensing – Edmonton
Zabeda Yaqoob Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs – Calgary
Sharan Dhalla Director of Compliance – Calgary
Heath Young Director of Information Technology & Business Services – Calgary