Certification and Licensing

The AIC receives many inquiry calls relating to the topics noted below. We have provided answers to most of the common questions asked by Agents, Brokers and Adjusters on the related topics.

Should you have an inquiry which is not addressed below please email us and we will be pleased to respond to your question.

Q: What is CIPR?

Canadian Insurance Participant Registry or “CIPR” for short. www.cipr.ca

CIPR serves a number of purposes:

  1. It provides a single, secure location where you can maintain and control your personal information;
  2. It requires you to specify an email address that will act as your login identification rather than your license number.  You will use this and your choice of password to log into both CIPR and AIC systems; and
  3. It gives you a unique business identifier that you can use to identify yourself with other industry players such as insurers, LLQP providers and CE providers.

Q: Which applications do I use to apply for a certificate of authority?

A: All individuals must apply on-line. Paper applications are required from Designated Representatives who are applying to license an insurance agency or adjusting firm or from Designated Individuals who are applying for Restricted Certificates of Authority.

Q: How can I find out if an agent or agency is authorized to transact business in Alberta?

A: You may search for the agent’s/agency’s name on our web site. Please check the correct spelling of the name when you make your search request. Spaces count as a character. You may enter a partial name to make your search request. If your search request generates no search result, this may suggest that an individual or business with that name is not currently licensed. The status must show “License Issued” to confirm if the agent currently holds a valid certificate of authority. If the status shows “Pending License Application”, this means that an application is “in process” and a certificate has not yet been issued.

Q: How do I change my address information with the Alberta Insurance Council?

A: You must record all residence address changes, including your email address, by logging on to the CIPR web site, and make the changes under your personal profile information. to change your business address, log on to the AIC web site and go to your “Active Licenses.” Click on the check box for each certificate you wish to change the address, click on the “Edit Address” button and make the applicable changes.

Q: I am the assistant to a licensed agent/broker. How can I get access to their information to make changes to the personal profile, to enter their CE courses, or to renew their certificates?

A: Only agents and adjusters who are certificate holders will be provided with a personal logon id and password. The Alberta Insurance Council will not provide administrative support staff with a logon id and password. A lot of the information found under the agent’s personal profile is private and is considered to be subject to privacy legislation.

Q: I am an agent/broker that is resident in another Province other than Alberta. Do I need a certificate of authority in Alberta if I wish to do business in Alberta or will my license in my home jurisdiction suffice?

A: You must obtain a valid certificate of authority for the class of license you wish to transact in Alberta. You may review our licensing requirements on our web site. Although sponsorship is not required in some jurisdictions, sponsorship is always required in Alberta.

Q: We are a wholesale broker, a third party administrator (TPA), or a managing general agent (MGA) in other province. Do we require a certificate of authority in Alberta to do business in Alberta?

A: Yes, wholesale brokers, TPAs, and MGAs are not exempt from the requirements to hold a certificate of authority. If the activities that you perform are consistent with the definition of an “insurance agent” (see Section 1(bb) of the Insurance Act), then you must hold a valid certificate of authority. If you are not certain, please email the Alberta Insurance Council.

Q: I am/was an agent/broker in another jurisdiction. How do I "transfer" my license to Alberta?

A: You do not “transfer” your license to Alberta from another jurisdiction. You must obtain a certificate of authority for the class of license you wish to transact in Alberta by completing the appropriate application and providing the appropriate fee payment. You may review our licensing requirements on our web site.

Q: I am/was licensed in another province/jurisdiction. Your information says that I must provide a criminal record check. I have already done this to obtain my license in my home jurisdiction. Do I have to provide one to the Alberta Insurance Council as well?

A: Yes. The criteria to qualify to apply for an insurance agent’s certificate is set out under the Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation. One of those criteria is that you must not have a criminal conviction the nature of which would render you “unfit” to receive a certificate of authority. The Council must have the ability to review your convictions in order to make that determination. The criminal record check or security clearance must either state that there are no criminal convictions in existence for you, or that will list all of the convictions in existence.

Q: I have another occupation or employment. Will I still be able to apply for my insurance agent's license?

A: All other occupations or employment are reviewed on a case by case basis. The Alberta Insurance Council does not maintain a list of “approved” or “unapproved” occupations. When you complete your application, you must provide the name of your employer, your title/position, and a brief description of what your responsibilities include. We will need to consider if your other employment or occupation either places you in a conflict of interest position or in a position to use coercion or undue influence to control, direct or secure insurance business. These are the criteria set out in the Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation.

Q: What happens to my fee payment for a certificate if my application is not processed?

A: The fees you paid for your certificate will be refunded if your application is not processed. If you have made an over-payment, the Alberta Insurance Council will refund any fees that are not used to process your application. We will not retain over-payments on file for you to use at a future date.

Q: I only obtained my certificate part-way through the year and I paid the full fee. Now my license is up for renewal. Don't I get a partial refund on my license fees?

A: No. Fees for certificates are not pro-rated. All fees are set out in accordance with the Certificate Expiry, Penalties and Fees Regulation. Depending on the date that you apply for and are issued your certificate of authority will determine the amount of fee that the Council requires to process your application. You may amend the name of the business that is currently printed on your certificate, to change recommending insurers, to reinstate, or to “transfer” your license to represent a different business at any time during the year (other than at renewal time) by submitting the appropriate amendment fee with an application.

Q: My certificate has been suspended. How long do I have to re-apply before I must re-take the qualifying exam?

A: For previous holders of a Life, Accident & Sickness, General Level 2 or Adjusters certificate of authority, you must submit a completed application with all supporting documentation and fee payment within 24 months of the date you last held the certificate of authority in order to be exempt from having to re-write the qualifying exam. Depending on when you re-apply, you may also be required to provide a new criminal record check with your application. Requests of this nature must result in the certificate becoming active before the expiry of the 24 month period, the AIC has no discretion to extend this period.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my license and can I obtain a copy of an old license?

A: You may obtain a copy of any active certificate that you hold by logging on to the AIC web site, selecting the tile “Active Licenses” and choosing the certificate(s) that you wish to view, print, or email.

The Designated Representative of the agency and the Designated Individual of a restricted certificate of authority have access to the active certificates for the agency.


You may obtain a copy of your licensing history with the AIC by logging on to the AIC web site and click on the “Licenses” information. Click on the “License History” button to obtain the report.

Q: I have gotten married or wish to change my name back to my maiden name. What do I need to do change the name on my certificate of authority?

A: You must provide supporting documentation (e.g., copy of marriage certificate, copy of driver’s license) with an amendment fee per each certificate that will be amended.

Q: When will I be able to renew my license?

A: Monday, May 1, 2017. You may not attempt to renew your certificate until access to the renewal application has been made available. The AIC will send you an email.

Q: What do I do if I have forgotten my Username or CIPR number, forgotten my password, or changed my email address?

A: Answers to these Frequently Asked Questions may be found in the Help Section.

Q: Why didn’t I receive an email notification about renewing my license?

A: Your CIPR registered email address must be up-to-date. Also check your “junk” and “spam” email folders and, if applicable, consult with your company’s IT department to ensure that email messages sent from the “abcouncil.ab.ca” domain address are allowed to be received through your company’s mail server.

Q: Where do I log on to renew my license?

A: The “Login” link is located right on the AIC home page.

Q: When I try to log in, why do I get a page that lists some browsers that are not supported?

A: Some content on the page you requested is not compatible with the browser you are using. Speak with your organization’s IT department for assistance to ensure you have the appropriate browser. You may also try a different computer such as your home computer, your mobile phone, or tablet.

Q: We are a business that holds a Restricted Certificate of Authority (auto dealership, travel agency, sales finance company, etc.). Why can’t I renew our license on-line?

A: If you are not the Designated Individual (“DI”) for the license, the Restricted Agent must change the DI by completing a new application appointing a new person to act as DI. The licensing requirements for Restricted Licenses are found in the For License Holders section of our web site.

Q: I am the assistant to an agent and I am trying to renew their license for them. Can you give me logon access so I can renew their license for them?

A: The information found under any profile is confidential. The Council will not share information with any third party that we are obligated to keep private.

Q: I need to add/update my E&O policy. How do I do that?

A: Information regarding E&O is found in the Help Section of our web site.

Q: I renewed my license on-line so why does it still show as “Pending?”

A: You may have answered “yes” to at least one of the renewal questions. The application(s) must be reviewed by a Licensing Officer and will be processed shortly. Please check your email as a Licensing Officer may have requested further information from you and/or check back within 2 business days.

Q: I have changed my employer/recommending insurance company. How can I edit these changes on my on-line renewal application(s)?

A: These changes cannot be processed during the renewal. In order to make these changes, submit a new on-line application that is approved by your recommending insurance company or Designated Representative (as applicable).

Q: I have changed my name. Can I renew my license in my new name?

A: No. You will need to:

  1. change your name under your profile on the CIPR web site,
  2. submit a new on-line application that is approved by your recommending insurance company or Designated Representative (as applicable), and
  3. provide supporting documentation showing evidence of your new name (e.g., copy of marriage certificate, driver’s license, passport, etc.). If you have already renewed your certificate on-line, we will require a $25 amendment fee per certificate.

Q: My previous license was terminated. How can I renew my license?

A: If you do not hold an active license, there is no certificate to renew. You must submit a new on-line application that is approved by your recommending insurance company or Designated Representative (as applicable), and submit it with the appropriate fee payment.

Q: How do I know that I have satisfied my CE requirement and how do I enter my courses?

A: You must log in to AIC and check your CE Summary Report. You are required to have completed 15 CE hours of approved courses each year in order to process the renewal of your license. All approved courses can be found in the CE Course Lookup Section on our website. Contact your course provider directly for assistance if you are unable to find a course. For help on how to enter your courses, check out the How To tutorial on “How to Add CE courses or view CE status.”

Q: I am a non-resident agent/adjuster. Do I have to satisfy CE requirements in Alberta to renew my license?

A: If you currently hold a license in your resident jurisdiction for the same class of insurance license that you hold in Alberta and if you have satisfied the CE requirement in your resident jurisdiction for which you are not exempt, you will have satisfied Alberta’s CE. You will be required to report your non-resident license number on the CE status page to receive the CE exemption. A list of jurisdictions that have been determined to have a satisfactory CE requirement is posted on the AIC web site. If your jurisdiction is not listed, then you must satisfy Alberta’s CE requirement of completing 15 hours of approved courses CE per year.

Q: I have renewed my license on-line. When will I receive a copy of my license?

A: You may print a copy of any active certificate that you hold by logging in to AIC, selecting the “Active Licenses” tile and choosing the certificate(s) that you wish to print to your local printer. If you are the Designated Representative of an agency/firm or if you are the Designated Individual of a restricted certificate of authority, you have access to the active certificates for the agency/firm. The Council does not mail out renewed certificates.

Q: If I do not renew my license on-line by June 30th, is there a grace period or can I pay a late penalty/filing fee?

A: There is no “grace period.” Once your certificate has expired automatically on June 30th, you are no longer authorized to act as an insurance agent/adjuster until a certificate has been issued. You will be required to submit a new on-line application that is approved by your recommending insurance company or Designated Representative (as applicable), and submit it with the appropriate fee payment.