You must apply for your license on-line. Log on to the AIC Portal to complete an application under your profile. Check out the License Application Checklist, the How To Tutorials and review the On-line Application FAQs.

Starting February 27, 2018 agents and adjusters may submit on-line applications to apply to license NEW agencies/firms. Applications must be initiated by Designated Representatives (‘D/Rs’) for businesses (agency/firm) and by Designated Individuals (‘DIs’) for Restricted Licensees.

Paper application forms are longer be available nor accepted. All applications must be submitted on-line.

Individuals replacing DI’s of Restricted Licensees and/or changing their recommending insurer may also apply on-line.

You may not submit on-line applications  to change your agency/adjusting firm name, or to change your agency’s sponsoring company if there are two or more agents (one of which is the D/R) representing the agency. To do this, email your request to and provide:

  1. The full name of your agency in which it is currently licensed,
  2. Your agency’s existing Alberta license number,
  3. The Alberta corporate access number for the existing agency (if the business is a corporation or partnership),
  4. The new name of the business you propose to change the name to. Include legal name (if any) and trade name (if any).