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The Alberta Insurance Council is seeking nominations for election to fill the following position:

Adjuster to the Insurance Adjusters Council


The Eligible Candidate:

  • is resident in Alberta;
  • has never been convicted of an offence under the Insurance Act;
  • has never had their Certificate of Authority suspended or revoked;
  • has never been levied a penalty under Section 480 (1)(a) of the Act;
  • a penalty under Section 480 of the Act has not been levied against the individual in the preceeding 5 years in respect of a matter referred to in section 480 (1)(b), (c), (d) or (e) of the Act;
  • is not a dependent adult as defined in the Dependent Adults Act or is the subject of a Certificate of Incapacity under the Act;
  • is not a formal patient as defined in the Mental Health Act;
  • has not been found to be a person of unsound mind by a court elsewhere than in Alberta;
  • is not an employee of an insurer licensed to undertake general insurance; and
  • has held an adjusters certificate for five years before the election.

No individual may be nominated to be a candidate for membership on more than one Council at the same time or to be a candidate for membership or a member on a Council and Appeal Board at the same time.

Nominations must be received by the Alberta Insurance Council no later than 4:30 pm on June 28, 2017 and must be accompanied by a letter of nomination signed by at least 5 licensed insurance adjusters and a brief (no more than 12 lines) biography for distribution with election ballots to all eligible voters.

Term of Office – 3 years

For further information, please contact Anthonet Maramieri at the Calgary office at 403-233-2929 ext 513 of the Alberta Insurance Council.
Return nominations to:


Alberta Insurance Council
500, 222 – 58th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta    T2H 2S3