Council Directory

Alberta Insurance Council
Name Position Representing
Vacant Chair Public
Kenneth Doll Vice Chair Life Insurance Council
Louise Clare Member General Insurance Council
Vacant Member Public
David Hicks Member Insurance Adjusters Council


Insurance Adjusters Council
Name Position Representing
David Hicks Chair General Insurers
Ronald Schaller Vice Chair Public
R.V. (Bob) Pearson Member Adjusters
Kevin Hengstler Member Adjusters


General Insurance Council
Name Position Representing
Louise Clare Chair Insurance Brokers
Vacant Vice Chair Public
Chris Miller Member General Insurers
Lloyd Hickman Member Public
Frank Corrick Member Direct Writers
Lorrie King Member Insurance Brokers
Amanda Sawatzky Member Direct Writers
Thom Young Member Insurance Brokers


Life Insurance Council
Name Position Representing
Kenneth Doll Chair Life Agents
Robert Evans Vice Chair Public
Kevin Wiens Member Life Companies
Vacant Member Public
Jim Brownlee Member Life Companies
Michael (Mike) Bibby Member Life Agents
Name Position
Gwen Harris Public Chair
Nancy Cumming Public Chair
Julie Hopkins Public Chair
Trena Grimoldby Public Chair
Amber Bamford Adjuster
Brenda Elliot – 2nd Term Adjuster
Randy Fulton Adjuster
Vacant Adjuster
Vacant General
Kelly Ann Perrott General
Paula Jerez General
Vacant General
M. Patrick Souliere Life
John Beal Life
Oscar Buera Jr. Life
Jeffrey CH Wilson Life
Name Position
Joanne Abram Chief Executive Officer – Edmonton
Anthonet Maramieri Chief Operating Officer – Calgary
Carolyn Janz Chief Financial Officer – Edmonton
Sylvia Boyetchko Director of Licensing – Edmonton
Warren Martinson Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs – Calgary
Janice Dowhaniuk Director of Compliance – Calgary
Robin Thompson Director of Information & Business Services – Calgary